Fact vs. Fiction – 5 Myths About Porcelain Veneers Debunked

Fact vs. Fiction - 5 Myths About Porcelain Veneers Debunked.jpg

Porcelain veneers can be advantageous to individuals who have suffered dental trauma, excessive wear, tooth decay, or discoloration over time. However, there are several myths that surround these powerful dental tools. Here are five of the most common myths surrounding porcelain veneers:

1. Veneers are always bright white and noticeable – Veneers have come a long way, and these days, they are quite natural in appearance. Their color, shape and thickness can all be customized to blend in perfectly with the patient’s existing teeth. In most cases, veneers are not noticeable.

2. They’re only for aesthetic purposes – While the primary purpose of veneers is to improve the overall look of the smile, veneers can also be used to rebuild molars, fill out the cheeks and replace worn or misshapen teeth.

3. The entire tooth has to be filed down before the veneer can be applied – This is one of the most common myths about porcelain veneers. Though some reshaping is usually required before applying veneers, most people need only a minimal amount. Veneers can now be made as thin as .3mm, so less prep work is needed than in years past.

4. Veneers are only necessary in the front of the mouth – Though veneers are commonly placed on the six front teeth (because they are the most visible), veneers can actually be used anywhere in the mouth. Many patients use them on lower teeth and premolars in order to even out or widen their smiles.

5. Application is painful – Like any major dental procedure, patients will be put under a local anesthetic when veneers are applied, so there is no pain or discomfort whatsoever.

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