Avoid Tooth Replacement by Preserving and Protecting Your Teeth

Avoid Tooth Replacement by Preserving and Protecting Your Teeth.jpg

Though implants, dentures, bridges and other procedures make tooth replacement possible, it is always in the patient’s best interest to prevent such procedures before they become necessary. Decayed, infected and broken teeth can cause significant pain and discomfort. Restoring or replacing these teeth may be quite expensive and require several appointments.

To avoid these procedures, patients should commit to a regular dental care regimen. This will allow them to preserve their oral health, protect their smile, and ensure that no further treatments or procedures are necessary.

Here’s what a good prevention plan should look like:

1. Regular cleanings – Though daily brushing and flossing can definitely help preserve tooth health, a professional cleaning is the only way to ensure all tartar and plaque is removed thoroughly. Professional cleanings should be performed at least two to three times a year depending on the doctor’s recommendation.

2. Flossing –Brushing can clean all of the tooth surfaces except between the teeth. Residual plaque between the teeth is a common cause of dental decay. Flossing is the only effective method of cleaning these surfaces.

3. Fluoride treatments – Fluoride strengthens teeth and prevents decay. Professional applications of fluoride can help prevent dental decay.

4. Sealants – Sealants are hard, clear protective coatings that are placed over the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. They can seal cavities and stop decay from developing in the teeth.

5. Periodontal care – Patients should regularly receive a periodontal exam to ensure the health of their gums and oral tissues. If any issues are found, early treatment can prevent further damage.

Even with diligent care, dental issues may still arise, making tooth replacement, restoration or cosmetic dentistry necessary. If you have a dental concern, or think you may need a tooth replaced, contact Stone Oak Aesthetic Dentistry today to schedule your consultation.